A vodka price ‘sickening’: 3.7 million dollars for a bottle of sparkling

billionaire vodka rusia

billionaire vodka

After the legendary champagne ‘Le Billonaire’, which two years ago was released in 9-liter bottles that cost 2.75 million dollars apiece, the house Leon Verres Luxury Group has wowed fans with a vodka drink exclusive, the ‘Billionaire Vodka’.

The five-liter bottle is paid $ 3.7 million, a price that causes dizziness without proof of its contents. To say its creators, the ‘Billionaire’ is smooth and pure vodka in the world, through careful selection of cereals and soft and pure mineral water. Indeed, the bottle is decorated with 3,000 brilliant authentic.

In honor of his Russian origin, or rather, after the Russian origin of the word ‘vodka’, each bottle sits in a fur coat, made by a special design, and upon which rest its 3,000 diamonds, an excess , according to the manufacturers, it remains a traditional Russian recipe.

Another small detail is striking: both the coat and cap of the bottle are made of artificial fur, so rare for Russia as the ‘glamorous’ transgression of the original purpose of the same drink, originally designed for warmth.

But Leon Verres alleged father of the vodka and activist dedicated to the protection of wildlife, did not use real fur in the design of the bottle because he asserts, the care of animals is its special responsibility to their exclusive clients.

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