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Four lion cubs have just arrived in Moscow to become the stars of a circus capital. A task that requires love and hard work of their trainers …

Now the little pumas have just under two months and come from a Russian zoo. Currently in quarantine, but they meet four months, will begin to prepare to act in a traveling circus in the capital.

Cats seem harmless now, but before long these puppies will become one large animals and wild nature. For that reason, since the first days of life have been in contact with man accustomed to people.

«Puma cubs require much attention throughout the day. We must speak to familiarize them with us. So we get to know the character of each of the cats,» says trainer Vladimir Isaichov.

«The training of mountain lions is a process of many months,» continues Isaichov. «Every animal is different and must find the skills of each.»

But the cougar is one of the most adaptable animals, so with proper maintenance you can feel comfortable though not in their natural habitat.

In this circus two pumas (also brothers and the same zoo) have already shown how well adapted to the track and after about six months of training and participating in shows.


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