Russia played the first match ever Rugby World Cup

Denis Anotonov Russia first match

Denis Anotonov Russia first match

The Russian team fell 13-6 in rugby similar to the U.S. in its first game in the World Cup that began on September 9 in New Zealand. This was also his first match ever in the sport’s top event.

The directed by Nikolai pulled Nerush aggressively and opened the scoring in the third minute through a penalty kick by Yuri Kushnariov, who will be remembered as the player who gave Russia its first three points in the World- , however after the first time the U.S. team was already 10-3 up thanks to a test at 18 Mike Petri, who was the only party.

In a second rainy weather both teams had chances to score, but his steady hand -16 errors in total during the match, played against the two sets. Chris Myles doubled the lead for the ‘Eagles’, while Konstantin Rachkov 13-6 discounted at 77 minutes for the ‘Bears’.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, Russia September 20 in Nelson, against Italy, while the United States will play their third match of this Group C, three days later, in Wellington, against Australia, which just crushed in their first meeting by 32-6 to the Italians.

Russia, eighteenth in the world ranking, was ranked first (including the Soviet Union team) for the Rugby World Cup after finishing second in the latest edition of the European Nations Cup (ENC), behind Georgia.

The tournament, held every four years since its first edition in 1987 in Australia and New Zealand, is for many one of the largest international sporting competitions in the world, along with the World Cup and Summer Olympics. Australia and South Africa are the butler selections with two titles each.

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