Russia animal Freedom behind bars

Russia animal Freedom behind bars

Russia animal Freedom behind bars

There are cases in which an animal can only find freedom behind bars. The network of BIM, all located in various regions of the province of Moscow, is a sanctuary for pets of all kinds which have been battered by their owners.

After the heavy bars of the cage of the shelter, animals who had spent months or years of being beaten, forced to work and eventually starve get all the attention and affection they need. The network hosted a total of about 2,500 animals, dogs, cats, camels, bears, cows, monkeys, pythons and raccoons, among others.

Sergey Serduk, the director of BIM, says: «The fund was organized by Taráskina Daria, who is now president. She began hosting a stray cat at home and then grew to 150 animals in the first center. Then, little by little, the number of animals grew and today we have five homes. »

The mistreatment of animals is a reality in Russia, as in many other countries, but current legislation does not seem to be enough to prevent it. Irina Novozhilov, president of the Center for Defense of Animal Rights Vita, said: «There are some legislative acts in several areas that are very effective. With regard to circuses, no laws. Ten years later, in Russia we pass a law that is not appropriate … Gone 4 key areas such as animal exploitation by humans, agriculture, animal testing, fur and entertainment industry. »

But if the laws do not provide a solution to the problem are private initiatives that give your hand to those who suffer or are in captivity. In BIM, all employees are volunteers. All its resources are devoted to food, care and maintenance of animals. The fund exists thanks to private donations and, as his administration said in the last five years has managed to overcome its economic difficulties.

What most worries the staff of this hostel is the continuous arrival of animals in a terrible state of health. One example is a teddy bear 7 months old. Sergey says: «She was forced to work and gave very little food because it worked if not hungry. Overload was so intense that it has problems in his bones and muscles, which do not work well and so their hind legs hardly move. Here we try to cure it but it is very difficult. »

The camel Mirsha was luckier. She was rescued from one of the most famous circuses in Moscow. When it came to the shelter, he healed all wounds and illnesses he had. According to employees, now leads a quiet life, with all necessary care.

Advocates for animal rights insist that the problem needs a quick solution, which must go through the adoption of national legislation providing guarantees to the most vulnerable.


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