MS-21 Russian aircraft: a new step in the conquest of the sky

Aeronave rusa MS-21

Aeronave rusa MS-21

MS-21 Russian Aircraft

MS-21 Russian aircraft: a new step in the conquest of the sky

The International Aerospace Show MAKS-2011, which began work Tuesday in the town of Zhukovsky, near Moscow, has raised a new type of aircraft produced by Russian companies: MS-21, a brilliant balance between comfort and reliability .

Russian aircraft manufacturers, companies Irkut and Yakovlev, both members of the consortium Russian United Aircraft Corporation, presented at MAKS-2011 the fruit of their collaboration, an ambitious project of a new type of aircraft. The results of this hard work the future passengers can enjoy the MS-21. This aircraft can accommodate between 150 and 200 people will consume 15% less fuel than most devices in use today.

«Our fuel is more effective than the new Airbus models. At the same time we improved the design (which is now more streamlined), inside the salon, cockpit and have introduced new systems, «said Dmitri Yepifánov, spokesman for the corporation Irkut.

This example of Russian engineering and invention represents a new type of aircraft manufactured in the country and will be drawn largely from composite materials that make it easier to maneuver and extremely quiet especially for those on board.

The program cost Irkut MS-21 is about 8 trillion, about the development of a prototype aircraft. According to the manufacturer, once each aircraft into production base will cost approximately $ 35 million for companies who wish to purchase.

The producer has already received orders for about 150 planes and is expected to figure significantly aumentе during rounds of negotiations that took place in the prestigious show MAKS-2011. Especially considering that the device designers have used the latest technology to equip the MS-21.

«Of course we would not have started this program if we did not have the latest aviation technology. Without these premises, our product would have no demand, «said Dmitri Yepifánov.

The advantages of this model will become apparent in 2016 when the first aircraft manufactured in this series. The creators of the MS-21 mean that Russian producers will gain a prominent place in the Western market for passenger aircraft.

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