MAKS-2011 will delight visitors with a menu of cosmonauts

MAKS logo rusia

MAKS rusia

MAKS International Aerospace Hall-2011 which opens in Zhukovsky, near Moscow, will offer its visitors not only innovative technologies in aviation, but also space food. This is a special exhibition of the 150 products used in processed food for astronauts.

The fair will host the team driving in Russia, which will show their mastery of aerial acrobatics, as well as aircraft of Latvia, USA. UU., Italy and France. It is expected that the largest airliner in the world, Airbus A-380 to become the true sense of the Hall.

MAKS 2011 rusia

MAKS 2011 rusia

Its premiere in Zhukovsky and caused intrigue and disturbed Boeing. The U.S. company said it would also expose its Dreamliner aircraft, the first of the series ZA001.

The Russian aerospace industry will be represented by several units from the most modern, up to the vagaries of the industry.

It is also hoped a new sensation: the premiere of the Russian helicopter tandem ‘Berkut’.

During his more than twenty years, the Aerospace Exhibition, held every two years in Zhukovsky, gained international recognition by becoming one of the most important exhibitions of the sector.

International Aerospace Hall MAKS-2011 will be held between 16 and 21 August and will feature 793 companies from 40 countries.

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