Faith: A Russian priest sets up a church in a bus

russia bus church

russia bus church

A Mass is available in all corners of Russia. To reach the villages without churches, an Orthodox priest has set up a church in a bus. And its popularity is growing.

What looks like a simple bus is actually a church. Only having four wheels and an internal combustion engine. Andrei, your priest, is also the driver of the vehicle, which travels to towns where there were no temples.

«We are delighted to come and visit us. All people expected this bus was prepared and kept up fast, «said a local resident.

Inside is everything needed to celebrate Mass: icons, candles, even the dome is installed on the roof before starting the prayers.

«We put a dome with the image of Christ’s resurrection,» says Andrei Strebkov priest.

The church phone has quickly gained popularity among residents of the Russian republic of Tatarstan. His driver and a priest is also the author of the idea. He managed to buy a cheap bus to a local transportation company and got down to work. It took a year to remodel and repair the vehicle to improve and transform your state.

«It’s good to see a priest working. Sometimes they say that priests do not work. But in reality it is not, «said Father Andrei.

Now the tasks facing religious other. Due to its increasing popularity, more and more requests received from various corners of the republic to celebrate mass. But that’s not a problem for the priest, rather it is a joy. He has dedicated his life to spread the word of God and his invention expected to meet the needs of all the faithful in the most remote locations.

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