Failure of one engine, the Russian team Lokomotiv accident.

accidentl russian team Lokomotiv

accidentl russian team Lokomotiv

According to some experts in aviation, a failure of one of the three engines of the Yak-42 could be a possible cause of the air disaster in Yaroslavl in which 43 people died of the 45 aboard, most of them members of Russian team Lokomotiv hockey.

The tragedy occurred at 16:05 local time on Wednesday, two kilometers from the airport of departure. According to preliminary data, the plane, belonging to the Yak-Service company, failed to gain altitude and crashed into an antenna located a few miles beyond the runway. After the plane caught fire and fell disintegrating.

The technical characteristics of the Yak-42 allow you to keep flying with only two engines running, but do not let you off with this kind of problem, say the experts. According to some, a low quality fuel could lead to failure of one engine of the aircraft.

Among the reasons that caused the accident is also covered human error. However, many aviation experts believe that this can be only one link between a string of errors that proved fatal. Eduardo Gavilán, technical director of a civil aviation official school, sees a range of factors have led to tragedy. These should take into account possible technical failures, the state of the aircraft before takeoff, the weather, the level of preparedness of the crew, and so on.

It is almost impossible to reconstruct the time before a plane crash and so it is very difficult to determine if the pilots acted appropriately to try to avoid it. Decisions taken at the critical moment has nothing to do with what might be done in a calm situation. Pilots make mistakes very often but in most cases these failures do not cause disasters; what it does can be a sinister reason is a succession of failures. This is the view expressed by the general secretary of the Association of Airline Pilots of Argentina, Jorge Perez Tamayo.

Search teams from Russia’s Emergency Ministry continue their work during the night. So far rescuers have managed to find 35 bodies of the deceased, while 8 are still to be located. Neither has so far managed to find the black boxes of the stricken aircraft, which could help reveal the true causes of the accident.

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