EEI crew prepares to leap into space

Cosmonauts crew

Cosmonauts crew

The cosmonauts training center ‘Yuri Gagarin’ hosting the ‘Star City’ in the Moscow region, the next crew to fly to the International Space Station (ISS) prior to finalizing its training mission in orbit , which will last about 150 days. The crew of Russian cosmonauts make Shkáplerov and Anatoli Ivanishin Anton, and NASA astronaut Daniel Burbank.

In training as they prepare for flight in the Soyuz spacecraft, and for the life and work on the orbiting laboratory. For example, one of the last test was to simulate an emergency situation: the deshermetización the ISS.

For Russian cosmonauts, who have extensive experience as airline pilots (both as Ivanishin Shkáplerov served in the Air Force of the Russian Federation), this is his first spaceflight. The cosmonauts commented to RT how they feel in the final stages of preparation for the cosmic journey.

«This is my first flight and I look forward to. I hope the little difficulties which delayed our departure will not affect their successful implementation, «confessed Shkáplerov Anton.

Russian cosmonaut Oleg Kotov, who was in orbit twice during his career, knows how the Russian cosmonauts prepare for their first spaceflight. «Some expeditions of recent years were made up of cosmonauts who had flown earlier in the Soyuz. And this system ensures that the crew do its duty, «he explains.

Kotov also recalled that during the expedition the crew will be next to another Soyuz craft, manned by a team of Sergey Volkov, who will help them and forward their flying experience.

After completing all tests, the cosmonauts will continue preparations for his flight to the ISS, scheduled in late October or early November. The journey of the expedition has been postponed due to damage during the launch of the Progress cargo ship. So now all preparations are carried out with utmost care.

However, the astronauts say they feel very calm and are prepared for this flight as usual. «No doubt, everything is done as planned, will continue to develop our skills,» said Anatoli Ivanishin. Russian cosmonauts share the idea of ​​Yuri Gagarin of the greatest happiness for one person is involved in the discovery of something new.

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