Alexander’s hometown said goodbye to the athlete Galímov

Lokomotiv alexander

Lokomotiv alexander

More than 10,000 people gathered in the field of ice hockey team Lokomotiv in the Russian city of Yaroslavl, to bid farewell to Alexander Galímov, the only team member who survived the plane crash of Yak-42 plane and died on Monday at the hospital.

The head coach of the Russian ice hockey, Vyacheslav Bykov, expressed his sincere condolences to the relatives of the deceased athlete. «What a shame. Everyone expected to be saved. Because Sasha loved life. Relate to him, both on court and off, was a real pleasure for me. It is an enormous tragedy, «he said.

The best doctors in the country fought for five days to save the only player left alive after the crash in Yaroslavl.

In the accident the 26 year old athlete suffered severe burns over 90% of his body. Since the catastrophe was in artificial coma. Recently he had conducted a trachea transplant.

According to the latest information, the sole survivor of the tragedy, Alexander Sizov flight attendant, has regained consciousness and has been moved from intensive care to rehabilitation department.

The Yak-42 plane he was traveling in the Russian team hockey crashed at the airport in Yaroslavl on Wednesday. The crash killed nearly all the players together.


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